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Authors needed

We're looking for authors who want their work translated and published in Romanian language. Why would you do that? Because there is an opportunity for you to enlarge your readers' number. That means buyers. Let people who don’t master the English language know your book. How does it work? You submit your manuscript on our website and pay a one-time fee. That’s 600 £ for manuscripts with less than 60,000 words or 900 £ for manuscripts with more than 60,000 words. Next, we do our magic. You just sit, enjoy your time, and get worried about how the cover will look like. No need to worry about that either, we’ll let you see the design before we send it to print. Still have doubts? Let’s do math. It means you pay only 0,01 £ / word for translating, full editing, book cover, printing, marketing, and selling. And sure, an ISBN. And sure, another market you didn’t think of before. And sure, 35% royalties of your selling. For as long as you want (no less than a year). In the first week of November, we prioritize romance novels. Cause you know, we’re looking for fine love stories to give to our readers for the Christmas holiday. Submit today. Here: https://mondofy.co.uk/submit/

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