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Hello, world

This is Amelia joining the spinning world online. Took me ten years and a lot of white nights to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, and now I know. I want to write. After spending years learning foreign languages, obtaining a license as a mechanical engineer, and switching jobs between selling goods and drawing gas stations, I returned to my first passion, writing. Years ago, I was talking to a good friend about people’s frustrations in a world we live our more or less beautiful lives. I remembered that discussion today as nothing seems to have changed even if 12 years passed by. So, I just post here the same thoughts I had back then simply because I feel like I’m stuck in that Groundhog Day movie. Do you notice people on streets? Walking with their heads down, frowning, ready to attack, as if they are carrying the entire burden of the planet on their shoulders. Do you think they struggle with questions like “where are we from, what’s our purpose on Earth, where are we going to”? Of course not. How could they smile? They have problems… Can’t you see prices got higher, money values nothing? Things will turn from bad to worse, they say. I listen to them and ask myself when did we become so short-sighted, as entities, that we only care about tomorrow's safety? Is it the day after tomorrow so far away and out of place there’s no reason thinking about it? What about today? Today doesn’t matter anymore? We live with a kind of relief every day in calendar thinking we have overcome time, we’ve fooled it, we’ve kept it for another 24 hours on our side. We feel tired. Then, when we lay heads on a pillow, there’s still tomorrow we’re thinking about. Can you remember last time when you have the luxury of staying and analyzing what’s happening around? Job - child - husband / wife - shopping - banks – more shops - phone calls – net browsing - these are the things that fill our days over and over again. The hell, searching the internet is how you found me. Does anyone still feel like reading a book after reading the electricity bill? Or any bill for the matter. Does anyone feel like inviting their friends home for a glass of… anything, when your friends barely answer the phone or your text messages? They’re busy, right? I just said, job, kids, and so on. And when they answer, if they answer, they have that airily look on their faces, making you wonder what clone have you just invited at your place? I know, being a grownup sucks. Big. All those responsibilities grab you by the neck and landlord wants money and wife needs new car and kids cry for an iPhone you can’t afford. World is going nuts and viruses locked you inside. We have transformed ourselves - without realizing - into machines driven by the imperative verb "must", hermetically sealed in impermeable, impenetrable balloons, driven to and fro more by need than by will by forces that we have forgotten or we fear to control. We have all become intangible, physically and mentally, afraid of imploding at contact with the outside world. Now, I’m not saying you should quit job and run away. I just want to remind you how lucky you are just by being here alive. And maybe from time to time, you can afford to step outside your house, beer in hand, or just a Cola, light up a cigarette and think you have the right to take it slow.

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