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Solar Angel is here

Hello, my friends. In case you’re wondering what I’m up to these days, I just finished writing, editing and launching my sci-fi novel in the deep, dark space we call Internet. It’s a book dedicated to young adults or any other person who enjoys a good sci-fi adventure in the unknown universe. It’s about family, friendship, and the ancient battle between good and evil. It’s a novel about human strengths and weaknesses, and the power to make the right choices. Although I place the action (at least a part of it) here, in Walsall, my deepest regret is that I couldn’t render your lovely „yum yum” accent that I still don’t fully understand. But I tried to stay as close to British English as I could. So, here it is, Solar Angel ready for you to buy in Ebook or printed format from Mondofy website or Amazon, all over the world. https://mondofy.co.uk/produs/solar-angel/ or https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sola.../dp/1838139214/ref=sr_1_1... Thanks and love you all!

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